About Us

Welcome to Wildscape Designs

Our Roots

My name is Rick Ziska, and I welcome you to explore the heart of our company and learn more about who we are and what we do.

After a 15-year tenure as a financial advisor, where numbers and charts filled my days, I found solace in the serenity of the garden. My nights and weekends were dedicated to the earth, as gardening became not just a hobby, but my therapy.

Together with my wife, we transformed homes – not just the structures, but the very land they stood on. I became a steward of the outdoors, drawing blueprints in the dirt, and imagining ecosystems where butterflies would dance and birds would sing. It was in these projects that the seeds for Wildscape Designs were sown.

Our Philosophy

At Wildscape Designs, our commitment is to the community of life that surrounds us. Every garden, yard, and public space we touch is a step toward a world where humans and nature coexist, prosper, and share the beauties of the Earth.

The inception of Wildscape Designs stems from a desire to break the mold of traditional landscaping. We reject the notion of nature as something to be manicured into submission. Instead, we believe in creating ‘wildscapes’ – dynamic, living environments where native flora and fauna thrive in harmony.

We recognize the crucial role native plants play in supporting local wildlife. In every project, we aim to build a bridge between human habitation and the natural world, crafting habitats that feed, water, and provide refuge for various species. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are about abundance – an abundance of life, color, and harmony.

Dynamic Wildscapes

We redefine landscaping by creating vibrant environments where native flora and fauna thrive harmoniously.

Bridge Connections

Our designs forge connections between human spaces and the natural world.

Abundant Ecosystems

Beyond aesthetics, our landscapes embody abundance—vivid life, colors, and harmonious living environments.

Dreamwoven Landscapes

We craft landscapes reflecting your dreams intertwined with our expertise.
Join Us

Your Invitation

When you spot the empty chair in our logo, it’s a personal invitation from me to you. Picture yourself there, immersed in your living landscape that’s a direct reflection of your own dreams meshed with my expertise.

Envision the tranquility as you ease into that chair, the vibrant tableau of nature’s own artwork enveloping you. The air is alive with the gentle buzz of bees, and the soft flutter of butterfly wings—each a guest in the wildscape we’ve cultivated.

I founded Wildscape Designs to craft these experiences; to foster environments where nature’s untamed beauty can mingle freely with our own backyards.

So, join me. Let’s roll up our sleeves, feel the earth beneath our fingers, and witness the magic of nature taking its course.

Let’s plant the seeds of change together.

Live with Nature,

Wildscapes Designs Signature