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We transform your outdoor space into a personal retreat that resonates with life and nature. Every corner of your garden is a story waiting to unfold, a canvas we paint with vibrant colors and textures, a space that blooms with life and sustains itself, inviting you to “Live with Nature”.

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Because we blend visual splendor with environmental ethics. Our commitment to Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles and our pledge to forego pesticides and herbicides means each garden we create is a sanctuary for both people and wildlife. When you choose us, you choose a partner dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and your quality of life.

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Each design is personalized to meet clients' unique goals and spaces.

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Each garden is an eco-sanctuary for humans and wildlife alike.
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Our front yard was completely transformed. Our dry creek bed was overgrown by grass. Not only did Rick do a wonderful job redoing the bed, but the garden he built surrounding it is so cheerful, even as we head into winter. You can’t help but stroll through the garden looking at the various plants and pollinators. We can’t wait to see it flourish come springtime!

We can’t believe how quickly Rick installed our backyard garden. What he did in one day would have taken us one week! We wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

I wanted to grow food to feed my children but needed to protect the plants to prevent my dogs from trampling them. Rick’s design was something I would have never imagined. He turned a 20’ by 30’ patch of grass into 12 raised garden beds with two archways as entry points and pathways wide enough to fit my wheelbarrow, all centered around a teepee trellis so my kids would want to spend time in the garden. The mixture of wood and metal is very pleasing aesthetically. A perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It’s my happy place

If we could, we would give Rick more than 5 stars! He has a passion for landscaping and his enthusiasm is contagious! From start to finish our experience with Rick was top-notch! Our yard has never looked better! The transformation is amazing! Thank you Rick!

I wanted a Florida native garden to encourage wildlife and minimize maintenance, but was so overwhelmed doing it myself! Wildscape Designs was the perfect solution. Rick is so knowledgeable and took the time to listen to our family’s needs and he designed a landscape that exceeded our expectations. He is so responsive to our questions and takes the time to help educate us more about the Florida native plant lifestyle. Highly recommend!

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Time to say goodbye to some of the most popular plants of the season to make room for new blooms. Check these out before they go:
🌱Cool season herbs like parsley, thyme, and cilantro
🌱Lily of the Nile
🌱Gaillardias, a go-to native and pollinator flower
🌱Vegetables in the brassica family like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower 
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A raised bed garden from imagination to abundance!
Check out this installation walkthrough! Florida friendly garden with dry creek bed 😎 I can’t wait to see this garden really come to life in the spring.
Life without water does not exist.